Our mission is to become a dominant, respected and profitable full-service store fixture company, one that rises about the clutter of a highly competitive industry by consistently producing measurable, bottom-line results for our customers.

In order to achieve this goal, we know that we must adhere to certain fundamental corporate values. These include the following:

We believe in building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with all customers by conducting our business activities with integrity, candor and reliability.

We take personally the satisfaction of our customers and are committed to providing superior advice, professional counsel, quality work, timely service and innovative execution.

We seek growth-oriented customers who understand the need for candor and honesty in a business relationship and who allow us to be an involved, contributing member of their corporate retail solutions.

We respect the individuality of each employee as a member of our team and we encourage an environment in which creativity, professional development and productivity are recognized, valued and rewarded. We also enjoy what we do because we think that having fun is an important element in creating a positive team atmosphere.

We know that successful store planning is fundamentally a problem-solving process that requires sound research, organization, discipline, proven expertise and timely decisions.

We acknowledge the essential support and sustained goodwill of our suppliers and recognize that they are an integral part of our continuing success.

In pursuit of these fundamental values, we have dedicated ourselves to the notion that relationships which grow and prosper are those based on a solid foundation of accountability – for on-time, on-budget and on-target execution.